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New Market Research Firm Launches to Focus on Differences Between Liberal and Conservative Customers

New Market Research Firm Launches to Focus on Differences Between Liberal and Conservative Customers

Market Ideology is the first research firm to exclusively focus on helping businesses optimize to how liberal and conservative markets think.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 15, 2022 / -- Market Ideology today launched to deliver new research services to help businesses understand how liberal and conservative customers evaluate companies and products. The new firm provides a combination of briefings, consulting, syndicated research, a free newsletter, and a forthcoming book, Red and Blue Customers: How Conservative and Liberal Worldviews Shape Purchase Decisions.

“Liberal and conservative customer markets are far more clear after the last twenty years of political polarization,” commented Market Ideology Founder and CEO Chris Peterson. “Conservative and liberal customers now often align with different brands, consume different media, and buy different products. It’s imperative that businesses understand the differences and similarities to maximize growth and efficiency with their customers and markets.”

“Market Ideology’s services are helping us look at client customers in a completely new way,” commented Marilyn Davis, EVP and Managing Partner at advertising firm Rain the Growth Agency. “We’re excited about exploring growth opportunities with our clients using this lens. We know greater customer insight is a competitive advantage.”

Market Ideology Founder and CEO Chris Peterson is a communications veteran who has worked with startups and Fortune 500 brands to help them understand their customers better. He previously founded two digital communications firms. After researching polarization and its effects on customers, he recognized the need to help businesses understand liberal and conservative customer purchase behavior better.

“Few businesses look at their markets this way because it feels like politics,” commented Peterson. “We take politics out of the equation by using a system for understanding differences in worldview - liberal and conservative - and how it affects perception of products, services, brands, and communications. Implementing the insights costs very little because there is most likely no new investment required. It’s more about aligning better with your current markets and how they think.”

Part of Market Ideology's mission is to use the understanding of conservative and liberal customers to reduce divisiveness. "It may seem counter-intuitive," commented Peterson, "but looking at customers this way has an interesting effect on perceptions. The problem today is not so much polarization or the sorting of people as conservative or liberal. The problem is one of temperature and familiarity. Conservatives and liberals don’t just think differently, they also live more apart from each other. When you don't spend much time with those on the other side, it's far easier to vilify them because you simply don't know them very well. So when you study markets and customers as conservative or liberal, you can't help but become more familiar with that mysterious other side, whichever side that is. It's a collateral benefit of our work."

The briefings, consulting, and free newsletter are available now. The firm will publish new syndicated research later this year focused on such industries as fitness, travel, financial services, and more. The book will be published in 2023.

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