Collection: Live Briefings

In development: Thought-provoking sessions with your team or company that explores what your red and blue customers want.

These two sessions are great for any team that needs to focus on product development, sales, communications, and/or customer relationships. Contact us for availability, pricing, and scheduling.

  • The Drivers: Why Now

    Over the past twenty years your markets have divided far more clearly between red and blue. The dawn of the 21st century is the dawn of red and blue markets. Understanding the changes to your market creates the imperative for exploring this topic.

  • The Differences: How Red and Blue Customers Buy Differently

    Fueling growth and efficiency means understanding the key differences and similarities between red and blue customer worldviews. Explore how each group thinks differently about your business, products, communications, merchandising, store locations, and more.

  • The Roadmap: How to Apply Insights in Your Business

    The final step is turning red and blue market insights into ideas and a plan for increasing efficiency and growth in your organization. This includes evaluating the business, products, sales channels, partners, communications, and more. There is typically no incremental cost to making adjustments to make significant improvements to product-market fit.

Your Guest Speaker: Chris Peterson

Chris is the Founder and CEO of Market Ideology, as well as the author of the forthcoming book, Red and Blue Customers: How Conservative and Liberal Worldviews Shape Purchase Decisions. He will take attendees through the key themes in the book, including how conservatives and liberals view companies, products, and communications differently. He has more than thirty years of experience as an entrepreneur and communications professional and has been published widely within the communications industry.