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Market Ideology is a market research and consulting organization with a simple objective - to help businesses of all sizes grow efficiently by understanding customers from a worldview perspective. Using our insights, your business can improve overall product-market fit. National businesses can ensure a neutral alignment or segment distinct strategies. Regional businesses can ensure strong market fit from location to location. Local businesses can ensure strong alignment in their communities.

We offer a range of solutions, including a free newsletter, briefings, and soon, syndicated research.

Chris Peterson, Founder

In December 2020, Chris came across a Pew Research Center study that brought to light just how different liberals and conservatives are when they think about the world around them. He asked himself, how can these differences not affect what people buy? From there, he spent thousands of hours researching the similarities and differences and developing a practical method for businesses of all sizes.

Chris draws on his more than thirty years of experience as an entrepreneur and communications professional. Throughout his career, he has focused on innovative strategies for business growth. He founded and sold two digital communications firms, both based on new, emerging ways of looking at customer behavior. He has advised such companies as Microsoft, IBM, Peloton, HP, Google, Oracle, and more. He enjoys working with businesses of all sizes to develop new strategies for growth.

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