Market Ideology

What is Market Ideology?

Market Ideology is a market research organization focused on insights into conservative and liberal worldviews of businesses, customers, and markets. Our research is delivered through our newsletter, book, briefings, and reports.

Does looking at customers as conservative and liberal increase divisiveness?

No - in fact the opposite is true. By studying your business and customers through conservative and liberal worldview lenses, our customers gain a greater understanding of beliefs and values of both sides. The problem today is that conservatives and liberals largely engage only within their respective groups and the "other side" becomes a mystery. Market Ideology brings together insights from both sides so our customers can better understand both sides, including the "other side."

What benefit is there in looking at customers as either conservative or liberal?

Worldview - either conservative or liberal - acts as a background filter for how businesses and customers see the world and how they want to be seen in it. Worldview colors purchase decisions as customers evaluate products and assemble the world around them. It's a profound way of understanding how your customers think about what they believe to be true and how your products fit in.

Why should our company consider customers as conservative or liberal now?

Over the past twenty years, the United States - and your market - have divided more between liberal and conservative. Digitization of American culture has driven stark divisions in how customers consume media, think about brands, and buy different products. As a result, your markets are far more clear from a liberal and conservative worldview perspective. Your business may or may not align with who is buying your products, creating market inefficiency that leads to higher costs and slower growth.

Does being conservative or liberal really drive different purchase decisions?

Yes. Conservative and liberal worldviews shape how your customers see the world and how they want to be seen. Your business, products, and communications may or may not align very well with your best market.

How does Market Ideology help businesses understand and improve alignment with market worldview?

There are three steps to stronger alignment, efficiencies, and growth. The first step is understanding the drivers in conservative and liberal market formation. The second step is understanding the differences in how conservatives and liberals see the world in the context of business, products, and communications. The third step is creating a roadmap unique to your business to evolve toward stronger market fit to improve efficiency and growth. You can learn more about all of these steps in speaking engagements, the book, and with our newsletter.

What's the best way to evaluate this topic for our organization?

Take a look at some of the topics covered in the free newsletter. If these essays address topics of interest to you, then consider an introductory briefing. This session will give a team or company the essence of the drivers, differences, and roadmap. Based on this presentation, your business may decide to move ahead with ideas or not. You can move ahead with your own roadmap or we can help you get started with a more customized engagement. Regardless, it's a thought-provoking topic that will engage everyone - and at the same time give everyone a stronger appreciation of different perspectives.


When will the book be published?

The book will come out in 2023. In the meantime, check out the free newsletter. You'll receive essays that touch in key topics in the book.

What will be in the book?

The book will cover in detail the three steps to customer worldview alignment: Drivers, Differences, and a Roadmap. The book draws upon extensive research in social anthropology and congnitive sciences, secondary research from a variety of sources, and new primary research.

How can I be alerted when the book is published?

Subscribe to the newsletter on Substack. You'll receive articles that cover topics in the book and we will certainly announce the book with the newsletter.


What is the format for the briefings?

All sessions involve Chris Peterson joining your team or company in a Zoom presentation. Whether it's the introductory session or the customized session there is also Q&A so attendees can explore the topic in more depth.

How do we get a sense for the content in the presentation?

We can provide an outline of what's presented in the session as well as answer any specific questions about what is covered on a call.

Who is the best audience for this topic?

The answer to this question depends on the size of the company. Smaller businesses may engage everyone. Larger businesses may choose to focus on those teams that are involved in work where customer insight is important - business strategy, product development, product marketing, communications, sales, and more.