Your Red and Blue Customers See Your Business Differently

No matter what you sell, you have red and blue customers. The odds are you have more of one than the other because every business aligns differently with liberal and conservative customers. Each group sees the world differently, as well as your company, products, merchandising, and communications. Market Ideology helps you align your business to customer worldview to accelerate growth and efficiency.

market worldview

What your market believes to be true with regard businesses, people, brands, merchandising, and communications. Conservative and liberal customers have distinct worldviews that may or may not align with how your business projects itself onto the market.

Conservative and Liberal Customers Buy Different Products

Liberal and conservative customers buy different products in just about every category. Your market skews one way or the other. Without strong alignment there is reduced efficiency, fewer sales, and lower customer value. Market Ideology helps you align to your markets to fuel growth.

market ideology

What your market believes to be right - how customers move forward in creating their world and shaping how they want to be perceived. Conservative and liberal customers assemble the world around themselves differently. Ensure your products fit into their vision.

Conservative and Liberal Customers Consume Different Media

Conservative and liberal customers see the world differently, driving different choices. This includes where they live, what entertainment they watch, and how they perceive businesses, products, and communications. Market Ideology helps you understand these differences so you know what each group wants - to lower customer acquisistion costs and increase customer value.

  • 1. Know the Drivers

    Over the past twenty years the division in your market between liberals and conservatives has become far more clear. Digital culture has brought worldview to the surface in a manner where your market can now be considered liberal and conservative. Understanding this change is imperative for business growth.

  • 2. Know the Differences

    Fueling growth and efficiency means understanding the key differences and similarities between conservative and liberal customer markets. The differences inform business strategy, product development, merchandising and more.

  • 3. Create the Roadmap

    Turn conservative and liberal market insights into growth and efficiency with a clear roadmap for alignment. This includes evaluating your market, current customers, products, sales channels, partners, communications, and more. There is typically no incremental cost to making adjustments in order to create stronger alignment.

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