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Red and Blue Customers Introduction

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This is the perfect introduction to the idea of looking at customers as conservative or liberal. This one-hour Zoom call provides an overview of the topic and has time for Q&A at the end. By the end of this session, attendees will understand how to think about customers as conservative or liberal and how to go about evaluating opportunity.  

This presentation takes attendees through the three steps in aligning a business to customer worldview:

1. Market Drivers

This section answers the question "why now?" when it comes to evaluating customer markets as conservative or liberal. Attendees will gain a strong understanding the drivers of markets sorting themselves into conservative and liberal customers. 

2. Red and Blue Differences

This second section introduces attendees to a system for understanding customers and markets as liberal or conservative drawing upon work in social anthropology and contemporary research. The focus is on worldview - conservative and liberal - without invoking any politics.  

3. Roadmap for Increasing Efficiency and Growth

The final section outlines a potential roadmap to understand how a business may align - or not - with its market from a worldview perspective. This forms a potential action plan for evaluating opportunities. 

The session closes with an audience Q&A.