Worldview Optimization System Uncovers New Growth Strategies

Drive efficiencies and growth with a data-driven, research-based system designed to better align your business with your market

Your business has untapped potential with the markets and customers you have today. By aligning your brand, products, and communications more closely to how your customers see the world, you can create stronger fit. Build your brand faster, lower customer acquisition costs, and increase customer value.

  • The first step is to understand how we got here and why look at markets as conservative and liberal. Explore the roots of American conservatism and liberalism and how the two markets formed over the years.

  • The second step is to explore a simplified base model for understanding conservative and liberal markets. The model is based on decades of research in social anthropology. It serves as a foundation by focusing on worldview, not politics.

  • The third step is to build on the Base Model with 27 market attributes that distinguish or unite conservative and liberal customers. All attributes are based on contemporary academic resarch.

  • Now we take the work of the first three steps and apply it to your business. This involves evaluating your business - brand, products, customers, and markets - to understand current worldview skews and alignment. From this evaluation, insights emerge that inform poential business growth.

  • The final step is to design tests - using research or in-market applications - to validate insights and build a foundation for stronger market alignment and growth. The size and scope of these tests depend on the opportunities identified or how aggressive your organization wants to be to implement worldview alignment.

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